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restaurant on the banks of the saône

restaurant on the banks of the saone          


Green Salad  5€
Mixed Salad  12€
Assorted Raw Vegetables  10€

Mixed Pork Cold Meat   16€
Raw Ham  16€
Meat Loaf made with Poultry  16€

 Delicatessen Salad Meal  19€
(Green or Mixed Salad, Raw Ham, Rosette and French Fries)
Chicken Salad Meal  19€
(Green or Mixed Salad, Cold Chicken Breast, French Fries)

Eggs In Red Wine Sauce   16€
12 Snails with Persillade Sauce  16€

* service included

Dishes and Cheese*

Small Fried Fish  21
Pike Quenelle with Crayfish Sauce   18€
Mixed Fishes with White Wine Sauce   25€
Frog Legs with Cream   21
Pikeperch Filet  25€

Sirloin Steack with Butter Sauce  23€
Sirloin Steack with Cheese Sauce  25€

Chicken Breast  12€
Chicken Breast (Sauce of your Choice)  16€

French Fries or Vegetables of the day   4,50€

Fromage Blanc  5€
(Cottage Cheese with Cream or Raspberry Coulis )
Plate with 3 Various French Cheeses  7€

Please call to reserve:
03 85 96 00 72

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